It's only fair to share…

It’s important to keep the sparkle in your smile!  With family and friends gathered around, great food, drinks, andfestivities everywhere you go, it’s really important to take the time out to care for your teeth and gums. After all, an aching or broken tooth or missing filling over holidays could turn your party into a nightmare…

We’re not suggesting you forgo all those yummy treats that you’ve may be looking forward to at special occasions!  However, we are suggesting thatmost people at these times are likely be to eating foods that you may not normally have, so just take that little bit of extra care of your teeth.  Hey, we know you’ll be busy, but this’ll be a few minutes well spent…

There’s nothing hard about oral hygiene.  Here are 10 tips formaintaining a beautiful smile over this festive season, and afterwards:

  1. Don’t forget to brush

Even if you are busy and tired, don’t skip brushing and flossing your teeth both in the morning and at night.  And, even when there arefriends and family around, don’t let your children slip up their regular brushing routine either.

  1. Drink plenty of water

It’s simply not practical to brush after each time you eat a snack or sweet.  However, a glass of water after sweet treats will go a long way towards washing that excess sugar and food away from your teeth, and protecting them until you can brush again.

  1. Think before you eat

Where possible, make healthy choices.  Opt for sugar-free drinks and sweets where possible, and choose fruit if it is offered, rather than sticky treats.

  1. Use tools, not teeth

So often when we’re busy decorating the house or entertaining, we resort to using our teeth to open packets, cut string or peel wire… Don’t be tempted to fall into this trap – you may do permanent damage to your teeth.

  1. Use a nutcracker

Many people have the bad habit of cracking open nuts with their teeth.  Make no mistake – it’s the quick way to break a tooth!  Nobody wants to have to take time out of their celebrations for an emergency trip to the dentist…

  1. Avoid very hard or very sticky sweets

While they might be yummy, very hard and sticky sweets may be a recipe for a broken or chipped tooth, or for losing a filling.  It’s simply not worth the risk.

  1. Braces? Beware… 

If you have braces fitted to your teeth, think carefully about what you munch on.  Sweet, sticky foods will likely get caught in your braces and be very hard to remove.  They may even result in broken wires…

  1. Think about drink

If you want to maintain your bright, white smile, think carefully about the type of drinks you consume.  Teeth staining beverages such as red wine, coffee and tea are likely to take that sparkle out of your smile, so be sure to brush after drinking them.

  1. Stress less

Sometimes get together’s and family events come with a little bit of extra stress, causing you to grind your teeth.  Teeth grinding can result in permanent teeth damage, headaches, andjaw pain.

  1. Don’t forget to pack your toothbrush

If you are going away on holidays, don’t forget to pack your toothbrush, toothpaste, anddental floss!

It is important to visit your local dentist as least annually.  With regular checkups and correct professional care, you can maintain your great smile all year around!