It's only fair to share…

With almost three quarters of the year gone, it’s a great time to review your results, re-asses and make any necessary adjustments to your strategies. If you don’t have the results you desire, it might be time to heed the words of Einstein:-

‘We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.’

Let’s look at how people think in relation to their lives. Most people live life by the equation: HAVE + DO = BE

What this translate to, are statements that you may be familiar with, such as, ‘When I HAVE lost ten kilos (DO) I will BE happy’, or ‘When I HAVE finished my work, (DO), then I will make time for me, and relax ‘(BE).

The trouble with this thinking is that in today’s fast paced, time pressured world, most people never succeed in achieving their intended results by thinking like this. They end up more stressed, putting pressure on themselves in the pursuit of achieving their often, seemingly, unachievable goals. The number on the scales they desire, a completed to do list; time at the weekend to relax and read a novel? Hey presto, its the end of another year and nothing much has changed. Does this sound like you?

If you don’t have the results you desire this year, consider shifting your thinking and reverse the above formula, so it becomes BE + DO = HAVE, rather than HAVE + DO = BE

The way you feel is critical to your success, so when you focus on being the person you want to become to achieve your results, you instantly remove mountains of self imposed stress. Instead of focusing on having the distant reward now, by doing everything at once, you are choosing to be more focused, be more health conscious or be more productive or calmer. Because you will feel better, you are more likely to take the necessary, albeit smaller steps, to create the results you desire. You will probably enjoy the journey more, and small steps taken consistently always equals big results!

Here is a three step process to help you shift your thinking with the reverse equation, BE + DO = HAVE

  1. Take a good look at where you are now. What results do you currently have and what don’t you have yet? What are you doing and what are you not doing? Look with no judgment; be objective and curious. Less is often more, so it might be wise to stop doing so much. Instead of feeling pressured because of all the promises you have made yourself to do, you will feel lighter and more empowered as you take charge of your life, and do less. As Peter Drucker says, ‘the key to strategy is omission.’
  1. Create a compelling future vision of your life, six or twelve months in the future. Imagine you are there right now, and notice what is happening. Get in touch with the person you are now. What are you thinking, what habits and values have you embraced? What behaviours and choices are you doing and making? How are you feeling? Look back to now and notice the changes you made, and how you easily shifted your focus to be here.
  1. Return to today and write down the first step necessary to create this future vision. Notice the subtle shift and small step you made. Perhaps it is to be focused on healthy foods, be calmer when you start your day and be a focused planner? When it comes to doing, it may be as simple as drinking two more glasses of water every day, eating a small bowl of soup for dinner one night a week, or taking a few minutes at the start of the day to plan your day carefully?
  1. When you have taken the first step, been consistent, and focused on being the person you see in your future vision, take another small step, and then another. Keep focused on your future self and keep asking them what choice they would make right now?

So stop chasing the unrealistic, relieve the pressure you put on yourself, and start being the person you want to be, to do what is necessary to have what you truly want.

I guarantee this shift in thinking will transform your results. If you don’t believe me, I challenge you to adopt this thinking, shift your equation and embrace it for the rest of the year. Watch the magic happen in your life, and results flow.