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Love As Our Resource

Love connects us at our foundations – opens us to a full exchange of the best we have to offer each other. Love facilitates selfless states where we become a part of a greater connection and cause – a belonging that is so strong, it melts fear.

The synergy of the flow of ideas through our connections is how love creates the abundance for adventure, as we complement each other with our individual talents.

Love is truly a resource.

Respect As Our Tool

Having due regard for yourself and everyone’s right to hold opinions and free will to choose experiences forms a bridge that can connect each other to the values that unite us; a tool to mine the resource of love.

Without respect, we could not maintain our open-minded attention upon another’s opposing point of view. Opposing points of view are opportunities to shift from

dis-alignment to the alignment of empowering principles and values. These enhance our connection.

When we show sincere interest, maturity and patience in how and why another can strongly hold their point of view, it exists beyond our existing comprehension; judgment is replaced with the desire for understanding. This level of respect nurtures trust and encourages an openness to give and receive ideas that can enhance and begin to challenge our viewpoint or theirs.

When any viewpoint that is in some way made up of disempowering ideas, that cause harm to the self or another, is respectfully dismantled down to the principles and values that form its’ constitution, assumptions can be identified and replaced with ideas that improve that constitution.

So can we have love without respect?

Respect creates tolerance for our differences and connects us to our shared ideals. Anyone who disrespects another’s right to their free will inadvertently is surrendering their rights to their free will. Hence those that choose to disrespect our opinions deprive themselves of engaging the opportunity to evolve from the potential of our joint wisdom.

Respect is the key to confronting ignorance. Helping someone not feel inadequate for what they do not perceive, brings them into a place of feeling safe, worthy, capable and therefore willing to explore new ideas rather than defend their disempowering ones.

Respect for our existing ignorance means when we are confronted with opposing views, we can choose to be confused rather than alienated and be willing to discover where our ignorance resides.

Through insightful questions we can clarify whether our views were based on empowering principles or not, thereby exposing our blind spots. Thanks to our courage to challenge our perception, we inspire others to emulate our humility.

This opened channel of exchange of ideas helps our connection to deepen. As this connection deepens, we experience an overwhelming sense of gratitude for identifying our shared values and evolving and magnifying the love for each other.

So respect becomes a tool to dismantle the ideas that perpetuate our disconnections and help us finally live in love for each other.

Indeed, our most valuable resource is love and respect is the vital tool to mine it.


George Helou is a best selling author, the founder of and a life coach residing in Perth. For more information, contact  [email protected]