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The midlife crisis used to be associated with reaching our fifties. These days, many adults profess to be struggling with the same symptoms regardless of age. Here I explain why this is happening?

“You don’t have to look that closely at a midlife crisis to work out what triggers it and why it was never really exclusive to any particular age.”

The first golden key is Purpose.

“Much of our daily routine is often guided by obligations and habits, leaving very little of our time and energy to be available for achieving goals we are deeply passionate about.”

“Living with purpose ignites our passion so success can become effortless. Finding your purpose does not have to be difficult either. Laying the foundation for purpose begins with relationships, starting with yourself.”

“Ask yourself what does your heart want out of this life? What kind of a lover, father, mother, brother, friend, community member, artist or athlete do I want to be?”

“The more detail through values and desired experiences we can envision, the more the brain can be reconfigured to serve our purpose”

The second key is our Imagination. Imagination creates knowledge and is vital for creative problem solving, invention and innovation.

“100 billion neurons designed to associate ideas to one another means we are designed to think in infinite ways,” he said.

“The imagination creates knowledge because everything we take for granted today as knowledge at some point only existed potentially in thought form.”

“We need a balance between existing knowledge, which is the culmination of our past collective understandings and experiences, and what the future can bring to us next through our imagination.”

“Growing up in the mainstream education system quashes our imagination.  It’s too heavily focused on rote learning, that is, recalling correct answers to established questions.”

“We end up only perceiving the current version of reality. We need to imagine what can be, rather than only relying on what has been.”

The third key is Intuition, from gut instinct, telepathy to psychic power. The full spectrum of intuitive thinking is within everyone’s capacity to develop.

“I had virtually no intuition until I reached my late twenties. I did not believe in it and was annoyed at people that based their decisions on it. Today, my life is empowered and enriched by it.”

“Most of us are not aware that over a decade of results from science experiments have shown that the odds that humans do not have psychic power is 29 million trillion to 1.”

“Bill Gates says, ‘often you must rely on intuition.’ We only need to look at elite performers in sport and business to see what makes them special. Their uncanny and consistent ability to anticipate and react perfectly to challenges in high pressure situations is what gives them the edge.”

“Brain training, meditation, yoga and many other forms of disciplines can increase your imagination and intuition. If you want to step up and perform at an elite level, this is where you need to start.”


George Helou has 15 years personal development and life coaching experience, is a two time best selling author and founder of MindPower Coach. He has life coach programs that assist those seeking to increase their confidence as well as connect to and live their purpose.

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