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When most people are asked, “Are you living in the now?” they usually answer by saying I try to. Most people try to, but their past keeps bringing them back to a place that they really don’t want to go.  In order to move forward and live in the Now, we have to embrace each day that we have in front of us and live it to the fullest and do our very best so that we can receive another new day and not have to keep going back to the previous one.

On the other hand, you probably know some people that live their lives planning just about every detail in their future.  It’s great to plan, but if that is all that one is doing, they are not living in the Now and life will just keep passing them by.  It is great to have goals, but as far as the ‘How’ that should be left to God.  We just need to get clear on what we want by making our goals and take effective action steps when we have that inspired nudge to do so.

Since we go to relationships to give and share, if you are still stuck in the past you won’t be able to do so as much as you would like.  Also, if you are stuck on what your girlfriend or boyfriend, etc. may have done to you 6 months ago you cannot move forward and neither can your relationship.

Tips On How To Live In The Now:


In order to live in the now, think back if there is someone that you need to forgive, you might find that you maybe one of those people that you need to forgive. There is a simple exercise that you can do to forgive someone whether they are alive or have passed away. Pretend that the person that you need to forgive is standing right in front of you, say whatever it is that you need to and get it all out. You need to let it go after that and not keep visiting that place, and forgive and release them from whatever it is that they did or said to hurt you. In some cases you have already started to release them from your life.  At some point that person may try to reach out to you to apologize and it will be much easier for you as you had already forgiven them.

A lot of times, we assume people are doing something to us, but in fact it is not about us at all.  It usually is something that the person is dealing with privately. We tend to assume it is about us, but in fact it usually really isn’t.  That is why when someone says or does something that you are not sure of, before you get to ask them, attach two or three positive meanings as to what it might be.  By doing so, you won’t have to go through all the hurt, etc. that is not really necessary.

Now if you are the one that needs forgiving ask yourself, “Did I do the very best I could have in that situation with the knowledge that I had at the time?”  Chances are the answer is, ‘Yes!’  Even if it was a situation where you should have known better and you chose not to, but you have learned from it and have never repeated it, then you need to forgive yourself as well.  You may have spent money carelessly and can’t get past that, but by not being able to forgive yourself and let it go, it will keep you from growing your business to where you want it to be.  Yes, you may have some success, but it won’t be long term, as that issue will keep coming up.  We can’t move forward if we are holding onto the past.


You may have done something to someone to hurt them; even if it was unintentional you still need to apologize.  If you are not ready to write or tell them in person, you can do a similar exercise as the one above and pretend they are standing in front of you and say whatever it is that you need to say and apologize.  At some point, you may want to do that in person or by sending them a note, but for now this will help to move you forward.

Just Be:

In order to live in the Now, it is important to just let yourself ‘Be’ as often as you need to. By letting yourself ‘Be’ I mean to walk away from all electronics and not only unplug from them, but from the world for those few moments. Go to your favorite spot, whether it is your front porch or for a walk, whatever it is and just clear your mind. Some people choose to read or write but I find just doing nothing in 15-minute intervals helps me tremendously. When I come back inside to work, I am feeling recharged, very inspired and creative, as well as I can really focus even better. You can also choose to meditate.


I find if I write in my journal everyday, it helps me to live and stay in the Now.  The 1st thing I do in the morning with my cup of coffee is to have a heaping dose of gratitude and to write out how I want my day to go.  I then go over my plan for the day in how I am going to move forward in reaching my goal. By taking those moments to let yourself recharge during the day, it gives you a chance to see how far that you have come with taking the necessary steps to move forward in reaching your goal. This way you know just how much more you absolutely have to get done rather then just letting the day fly by and not achieving everything that you wanted to.


By saying certain affirmations in regards to living in the Now, can help you to stay present in that very moment.  It is necessary to be aware of the present moment, in order to feel fully alive to any of our experiences.  For it is true happiness that is born in that very moment.  Here are a couple of affirmations that you may want to try that will help you reconnect with your inner power, which is your true state of happiness:

* I am at peace in this moment.
* I am fully aware of being here now, in this moment.
* I savor this moment as the unique experience that it is.
* I am at peace in this moment.
* I am fully present in this moment.

* via Jeff Staniforth

These may not seem like the most exciting or inspirational affirmations that there are.  But by practicing any of these for even five minutes, you will be amazed at how you are feeling.


Ah, one of my favorite words! When you have gratitude throughout the day, it helps keep you in the Now as you are giving thanks for something that might just have happened or for what you just received. It makes you aware of what you have right in that very moment. When we have gratitude for what we have, even if it might not be exactly what we want, it helps to open up your heart to receive even more. I have found that when I have gratitude for the experience that Adversity has given to me, my life goes to that next Extraordinary level. I believe saying your prayers keeps you in the Now, as well.

When we live in the Now, not only are we happy but we are growing. By allowing ourselves to be able to grow, we are allowing our relationships and our business to grow, as well.  If you are living in the past or in the future, you can’t grow. Life is meant to be Amazing and my wish for you is to have that very life! I believe in YOU!!         


Susan Preston is a Relationship Consultant as well as a Mindset Motivator specializing in helping you to master yourself so that you can that have Extraordinary Relationships.. With her unique philosophy, Susan helps you to discover your true magnificence and how to embrace it. She will provide you with all the necessary tools to successfully bring out the best in your relationships starting with your mindset.

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