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Success in life comes from blending a positive mindset and unshakeable self-belief with winning strategies and consistent action; something I learned and used with great success while training and competing in ultra distance triathlons. Here are seven tips from the sporting world, to help you stay focussed and keep moving forward in your life.


  1. All athletes have clear goals with a deadline; a race or competition being the goal. They have clarity of purpose and an unwavering commitment, just like a missile seeking its target. Missiles travel hundreds of miles, flying over and ignoring targets on the way, eventually reaching their intended target, hitting it with laser-like accuracy. In your life, what one thing can you focus on with commitment, so it becomes your own personal race? Perhaps it’s to take thirty minutes out of your busy day to recharge your batteries, or to do twenty minutes of exercise six days a week? Choose your ‘race’ and remember it’s what is important to you that matters, no-one else.
  1. Athletes train consistently, challenging themselves daily, and weekly. This builds unshakeable self-belief gradually and consistently. Belief is critical to winning in sports. It is just as critical to being successful in your life and equipped to survive the rigours and demands of our busy world. How many times have you allowed yourself to be distracted or pulled off course by someone else’s opinions or comments? Do you fear being left out or ostracised? Lack of belief minimises success. In the words of Theodore Roosevelt: – “Believe you can and you’re half way there.”
  1. Great athletes write down their successes every day. Commit to adopting this winning habit in your life. Focus on the small successes too; like compound interest they grow and provide fuel for your future success and insulation against the down times.
  1. An athlete doesn’t stand at the start line and focus on what might go wrong or worry about what if they fall over the first hurdle! Make a point of focusing on the positives and opportunities around you, and not the negatives or the ‘what if’ stories.
  1. Become a master spy on your words and thoughts, because they shape your results. Use words that fuel your success, support your personal growth, are positive and in alignment with your goals.
  1. Athletes test and measure their progress and make changes when the results don’t reflect their efforts. What about your life? Do you alter your course when things aren’t going as they should, or do you keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? Be prepared to make changes to your plans and alter your course when necessary.
  1. Athletes take small steps towards their goals consistently. Adopt a ‘never give up’ attitude and however small the step you are making towards your goals, know that progress is progress. Continual progress and persistence is what will get you across your finish line!

Embrace these simple strategies in your life today. Set yourself up for success and become a winner in everything you do in your life. Embrace the mindset of an athlete and ensure you never, ever give up on your goals and dreams.


Mandy Napier BSC, dubbed ‘The Mindset Alchemist,’ is a Mind and Performance Coach, Author, Speaker and a Master Practitioner and Trainer of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). She is the author of ‘Creating Healthy Life Habits’ and a unique 90-day online coaching program, ‘New Mind New You New Life.’ Subscribe to her free ‘Mindset Matters’ for powerful mind tools and action strategies at