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Do you have someone in your life who is a drain on your energetic resources? This may be someone who you love spending time with, but you always end up feeling exhausted after your time together.

The problem with running out of emotional energy resources is that you don’t have the fuel to fight the effects of all the other stressors that you are exposed to in everyday life – environmental stressors (toxins, pollution), work stressors (bosses, deadlines), financial stressors (bills, debts), physical stressors (infections, exercise) and relationship stressors (kids, partners). When you can’t deal with stressors on the mental/emotional level, you eventually become ill. This may manifest as a mental illness or as a physical disease. All illness has an underlying emotional or metaphysical, cause. Some common examples are sinus problems, which have an underlying cause of annoyance with another person, back pain, which has an underlying cause of feeling unsupported, headache, which has an underlying cause of putting too much pressure on yourself, or the common cold, which has an underlying cause of simply needing to stop.

What can you do to protect your own emotional energy?

Reconsider who you spend time with

You are the sum of the 5 people that you spend the most time with. If you love this energy vampire and don’t want to live without them, then perhaps put some boundaries in place in regards to time (no I won’t answer my phone at 10pm) and topics of conversation (how about we talk about my thing for a while instead of you, again?). If they love you back, they should be able to listen to your needs and work towards fulfilling them. If they can’t, you’ve got your answer.

Ensure you’re protecting yourself energetically

Crystals have protective qualities. You should do some research and talk to a professional about what crystals may suit you best at a particular point in time because this will change. Remember, everything is energy, which means that you are constantly moving and changing and transforming and a particular crystal that works well for you at one point will not necessarily be the best one at another point. Use your intuition and see if you can feel an energetic connection with a particular crystal. Some that are regularly mentioned as being protective are Black Tourmaline and the Quartzes.

Essential oils are also very powerful in energetic protection. The emotion underlying your exhaustion will be important to tap into. If you have underlying anger or annoyance, try lavender. If you feel unimportant or worthless, try peppermint – if you feel sad then try any of the citrus oils (eg. orange, lemon).

You also need to be mindful about your central meridian. Meridians are the energetic pathways of the body, just like your blood and lymphatic vessels, only we can’t see the meridians. The central meridian is the reservoir for all energy used by your brain and is important in preventing overwhelm, including being overwhelmed by other people. In order to ‘run’ your central meridian, you simply move your hands from your pubic bone up to just under your bottom lip. Do this three times before you are going to be in a potentially energy sapping situation. Make sure that when you take your hands back down, you push them out from your body so you are not running the meridian backwards! Think of this like ‘zipping’ yourself up! You are closing up your protective jacket to prevent any negative energetic influences getting to you and sapping your own energy.

Physically shaking your hands off and then washing them can also help. Visualise the negative energies floating off you and back up and out to the universe where they will become positive again.

Of course, reiki or any other energetic body work will be beneficial in helping you to have improved energetic balance and therefore, improved resilience for dealing with people who sap your energy.