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In the world of nutrition, we are bombarded with conflicting and misleading information about fats. Should we eat less of them or more of them? Are you confused?

An imbalance of healthy fat in our diet can lead to deranged cell membranes, which leads to cells that are less protected and prone to oxidative stress. While avoiding toxic vegetable oils, trans-fats, and low-fats, diets rich in healthy fats not only help us to lose weight and prevent disease, they improve our memory.

Below are nine reasons to eat good fats.

1. Weight loss begins in the brain first! Healthy fats improve brain function, cholesterol levels, and balance neurotransmitters.

2. Including healthy fats in our green smoothie in the morning increases satiety and helps to eliminate cravings.

3. Research indicates healthy fats improve and balance metabolism and help sustain a greater weight reduction – reducing obesity.

4. The human body relies on healthy fats for vitamin and mineral absorption. Poor digestion and poor absorption can cause weight issues.

5. Inflammation is the prime component of a number of disorders such as RA. Healthy fats can help decrease inflammation.

6. Low thyroid function can be a reason we may not be able to lose fat. Omega 3 fats support the immune system and our thyroid gland.

7. An abundance of adipose tissue increase risk for estrogen dominance in both men and women. Good fats help balance hormones and reduce belly fat.

8. Healthy fats speed nutrients through our body for increased energy. Energy allows us to prioritize and get things done throughout our day.

9. Good fats help produce muscle gain when we workout. A plus is, our endurance for exercise improves when we eat good fats.