4 Tips To Help You Stay Hydrated

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4 Tips To Help You Stay Hydrated

The body is 70% water by composition. Much like a river, to sustain healthy life the water needs to be flowing. For us this means drinking enough water each day to keep our body hydrated and stop our cells from drying out.

When we get low on water we can get headaches, dizzy, tired and even our thinking can go fuzzy. We are just not quite right!

We all know this but that does not mean we all drink as much water as our body needs. We get busy, we forget, we may not even be sure how much water we need.

There are different recommendations as to how much water we need each day. The most useful guide is 30ml/kilogram body weight per day.

If you are doing any physical activity or it is hot, then you need more water.

One way of gauging our hydration status is the color of our urine. The darker the color the more concentrated it is.

Some say they do not like the taste of water of are just not used to drinking it. Here are some tips to overcome this.

  1. Squeeze lemon or orange juice into the water.
  2. To start more gradually, have an extra half glass when you have one full glass of water and build it up from there. The aim is to get this to a stage where you actually miss your water if you don’t have it.
  3. Add a water filter to your kitchen tap, it does make water taste better and you will be more likely to drink it.
  4. When you feel hungry between meals, first have a glass of water.

It is much better for all the cells in your body if you are one step ahead with your water intake rather than playing catch up. You may even be surprised how much better you feel when you are adequately hydrated.