3 Tips Series

Easy Ways To Stop Binge Eating
Many people trip up on their eating plans because they get cravings. They resist and resist but then finally give in. This can result in binging on all the “wrong” foods and set you back on your quest. It makes more sense to allow yourself small treats as you go.


3 Tips For Reducing Stress
Stress is a buzzword but we all feel its effects to some degree. Our bodies are designed to react to physical threats, as our ancestors would have faced. But today when the threat is not physical (such as financial pressures or work related problems) our bodies react the same way.
3 Tips For Better Sleep
We all know the importance of sleep but many of us still do not get enough. Most people do need eight hours sleep even if we can “get away” with less.
3 Tips To Improve Your Immunity
If it is raining outside and you are inside a house, you won’t get wet – unless the roof is damaged and leaking. The rain is the same but your protection has been damaged.
3 Tips For Breakfast
There is an old adage, which says you should eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Most of us do the exact reverse. When you think about it, putting fuel into the body at the start of the day so it can be used up makes more sense than filling up at days’ end and then sitting on the couch.
3 Tips For Simplifying Nutrition
The Australian Government has released guidelines on what we should eat. The document runs to nearly 200 pages. Last year the US government did something similar. Why does what we eat have to be so complex? It does not.
3 Tips For Back Care
The lower back is the commonest area of the body for people to experience pain. Whilst for most it is transient some people will experience ongoing lower back pain and this can reduce enjoyment of life and impact on the capacity to work.
3 Simple Tips To Help Lower Blood Pressure
Hypertension, or high blood pressure, was the first of the symptomless conditions that modern medicine has treated. For the vast majority of people you only know if you have it when the doctor takes your blood pressure. And that is also the only way you know if it is getting “better”.
3 Tips To Help Prevent Falls
Falls are never fun. When we are young we can pretty quickly bounce back and keep going. In the elderly though a fall can lead to a hip fracture. This in turn can trigger a serious chain of events including loss of independence and even death. In the USA each year falls in the over 65’s leads to 20,000 deaths and 2 million ER visits.
3 Tips To Help With Weight That Are Not About Food
Sometimes we have to think laterally. When it comes to weight and nutrition most of the focus, quite rightly is on what we eat. That makes sense and is obviously the key. However the context in which we eat and even where we eat influences how much we eat. Here are three tips that can have a positive impact on our eating habits.