Are You A Good Step Parent?

It is human nature that very few of us can accept criticism and either change our ways or want to change our ways. More often than not, no matter what the issue is in life, we blame the other person. I am a firm believer that as step parent you can only control three...

Do We Really Want More Smokers?

2020 has been an eventful year for all the wrong reasons. It was about to get worse when on June 19 draconian bans on vaping were announced and were due to start on July 1. Fortunately on June 26, following a massive community response saw the Federal Health Minister...

Has Your Orange Juice Been Hijacked?

Think you’re drinking fresh and natural orange juice? Think again…… When shopping for fresh orange juice, I have found the phrase “squeezed from fresh oranges”, is not necessarily the truth. The leading orange juice companies such as Tropicana (PepsiCo)(1), Minute...
Stress And Fertility

Stress And Fertility

Whether we like it or not, human beings cannot escape the fact that we are part of nature and that we are subject to its laws. When scientific research confirms this there is much surprise and sometimes the next step is to search for a drug to overcome it. So it was...

The World Does Not Owe Us

The pace of change in the world this year is unprecedented. Virtually nothing can be taken for granted anymore. Yet the world does not owe us good health or a living.

Five Tips For Helping Your Kids To be Healthy

Five Tips For Helping Your Kids To be Healthy

One of the laments of parents is getting children to eat lunch. The number of lunches that are either swapped or not eaten is huge. It does not even seem to matter that much, what is put in the lunchbox. Even when children select and make their own lunch the same...

The Subtle Ways Of Marketing Drugs

It is way too easy to dress up marketing as being about your health. Patients, doctors and chemists need to get a bit savvier about the marketing of drugs.

Six Non Drug Tips For Managing And Avoiding Depression

Six Non Drug Tips For Managing And Avoiding Depression

Once again a large question mark has been thrown over antidepressants. A major analysis of previous studies shows that the effect of Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRI’s) is no more than placebo (a non active sugar tablet) in mild and moderate depression....

Three Tips For A Glowing Summer Skin

Christmas decorations are already out in full force. This is always a good indicator that we are moving into a new season.A change in seasons also means that many people will switch to a different skin care regime.

With Prostate Cancer There Is No Simple Blood Test

The US Preventative Task Force has publicly said that prostate screening (with PSA blood testing) has no benefit. Whilst there is considerable appeal in the notion of getting a simple blood test to know if you have cancer, this is not the reality.

Food Influences Our Mood

Food Influences Our Mood

We all know that putting the wrong sort of fuel into the car will mean that it does not run well and may not even run at all. Whilst the body is in some respects “more forgiving” the fuels we feed ourselves will affect how well we function The connection between what...

Patient Support Groups, Pills, And Ethics

We all like to see worthwhile charities get funding so they can do their work and assist those who need help. However there is an old adage that he who pays the piper calls the tune. These are, in my opinion, serious ethical dilemmas.