Are You A Good Step Parent?

It is human nature that very few of us can accept criticism and either change our ways or want to change our ways. More often than not, no matter what the issue is in life, we blame the other person. I am a firm believer that as step parent you can only control three...

Do We Really Want More Smokers?

2020 has been an eventful year for all the wrong reasons. It was about to get worse when on June 19 draconian bans on vaping were announced and were due to start on July 1. Fortunately on June 26, following a massive community response saw the Federal Health Minister...

Has Your Orange Juice Been Hijacked?

Think you’re drinking fresh and natural orange juice? Think again…… When shopping for fresh orange juice, I have found the phrase “squeezed from fresh oranges”, is not necessarily the truth. The leading orange juice companies such as Tropicana (PepsiCo)(1), Minute...
Twelve Simple Tips For Better Sleep

Twelve Simple Tips For Better Sleep

The human body needs sleep. Over the last century the amount of sleep people get has declined by over an hour. It is estimated that at the turn of the twentieth century we averaged nine hours per night. Today the average is under eight hours per night. It is fair to...

Your Key to Successful Weight Loss

Have you ever wondered why you keep dieting? Why you may lose a healthy amount of weight but then spiral out of control? Why you never seem to be able to restrict your food intake properly? Why you turn to food as a source of comfort? Why you can’t stay on a diet?

As The Song Said – “It Wasn’t Me”

Responsibility for unacceptable behavior needs to be placed where it belongs, with the individual who has done whatever it is they have done. Making medical excuses or blaming something or someone for the behavior of people is not the answer.

When The Little Darlings Won’t Eat Fresh Fruit

When The Little Darlings Won’t Eat Fresh Fruit

As a mother of two (one of whom was only rarely picky, the other a bottomless pit of imminent starvation), I feel compelled to say that any kid of mine who would dare to advise me that they “won’t eat fresh fruit” would be going hungry

Things You May Not Know About Cancer Screening

Cancer screening programs have been introduced as “life saving” measures but there was never any evidence that this would be the case-just reasonable (at the time) assumptions. It is time that a balanced picture was presented to the public.

Four Ideas To Help You Eat Food Not Nutrients

Four Ideas To Help You Eat Food Not Nutrients

  As I have often observed, health is made far more complicated than it needs to be. Much like putting the right fuel into your car for its engine type means it will run better, so does putting the right fuel into your body make it run better. It is also...

Solving Childhood Obesity By Teaching Kids To Cook

Solving Childhood Obesity By Teaching Kids To Cook

The adage about our children being our future remains true today. So that being the case what are we doing about the health of our children? Statistics suggest that 25% of Australian children are overweight or obese. Figures from the USA are comparable and many...

Eight Foods to Eat for Exceptional Health

With the abundance of food around these days, it can be very confusing. So which are the healthiest foods to eat in order to gain optimum health. After you have read this, you will have a better idea of what to eat.

Crisis – What Crisis?

It is way to easy to create a crisis in health.We need to be very suspicious of claims about health crises and large numbers of people having disease that they do not yet know about.