Do You Rely On Willpower Or Willingness For Success?

Do you rely on willpower to change habits, behaviours and patterns of sabotage?  How high is your willingness to make changes in your career, relationship or life? Willpower Some people believe that they can change habits and improve their lives if only they had more...

Resilience Is Not A Dirty Word

In the early 1970’s my parents built a house in what was then the outskirts of Perth. The district had a startup footy (AFL) team. Many weeks we struggled to get a full team on the park and sometimes “borrowed” players from the opposition if they had spare. We did not...

Blended Families And Corona Virus

Covid-19 is playing games with the world and changing the rules as it goes along. At a time when life is at risk, we need to all take stock and stop the silly games we sometimes play which are mostly meaningless and always counter-productive. Like the games being...

Money Tablet

There has been a lot of debate about conflicts of interest in medicine. Doctors cannot wear two hats. Either they can work for industry or sit on panels advising health authorities. They cannot do both.

The Value Of Getting Enough Sleep

The Value Of Getting Enough Sleep

What is the one thing we spend more of our lives doing than any other single thing?  It is something that we do every day and we largely take for granted. The answer, is of course, sleep. In the hierarchy of the body’s needs, sleep is number three after air and water....

Out Of The Mouths Of Babes

Whether you realize it or not, you are setting an example for your children! They are like sponges; they absorb everything that you say. They are also modeling after you, how you behave, how you treat yourself, others and even how you treat them.

A Mad Mad World

There has been a disturbing rise in the health and safety industry where no risk is too small to be regulated.Like anything taken to extremes, unexpected consequences arise.

It Exists But It Is Not A Disease

There is an old adage that when the only tool you have is a hammer, all problems start to look like nails. The rise of the medical model over the last 50 years has increasingly made every problem people have a medical “nail” and hence solved by the “hammer” of a pill.

If It Wasn’t A Pill That Caused It

If It Wasn’t A Pill That Caused It

An FDA panel has recommended that approval be given to a new weight loss pill. If Qnexa gets final approval it will be the first new “diet” pill approved in over a decade. The move has surprised many as within the last two years three drugs including the one now...

Five of the Most Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Most people know that lose-fat-fast schemes are best avoided—as soon as you’ve finished the diet and lost a few kilos, you start eating ‘normally’ again, and back comes the weight. It’s a cycle that keeps the fitness and diet industries going.Here are five common weight loss mistakes you can learn from and avoid

Thinking About Drinking

People who know me will know that I enjoy a good glass of wine and that my modest cellar is my pride and joy. I have also written previously about the health benefits of modest wine consumption. As this is being posted I have completed 24 days of FebFast, which I was happy to join as an ambassador.

Quitting Smoking – Simplified

Quitting Smoking – Simplified

  It is little wonder that people get confused about health. The messages are often contradictory. Worse than that, the messages may reflect vested interest, which is not declared. Many “news” stories are pushed by those who may have a product to sell or an...