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May 22nd, 201701128 There is much hype about de-toxing. But is it needed? Is there a simpler way? And what is a toxin?     Dr Joe Kosterich MBBS is an author,...

April 15th, 201301416 Banning smoking in certain places does not stop smoking, it just moves it somewhere else

March 25th, 201301086 It is expected that a doctor will diagnose and treat you, but sometimes there is no diagnosis or effective treatment, and pursuing either may be harmful

March 9th, 201311763 With virtually all matters of health there is usually a right amount. Too little or too much is a problem.

March 4th, 201301268 Back when I was a kid I used to go on the see-saw (aka: teeter-totter). It was fun to play like that. That was until the big kid sat on it and I was stuck in the air.
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