A New Way Of Thinking About Exercise

By Elaine Morales | October 10th, 2011 at 3:02 pm

Guest Contributor – Elaine Morales

Do you get out there and move it?  Or think about moving it?

What do you tell yourself?  “I should exercise more.”  “I wish I could find the time to work out.”  “I am excited to start a new training program.”

I have had all those thoughts myself; they were triggered by my desire to feel better and get healthier. And very often, they did motivate me to get to the gym.

But now that I think about what I do as bodybuilding, my results have exceeded anything I have previously experienced and, at age 42, I am in the best shape of my life.

I think you should become a bodybuilder, too.

Before you dismiss this thought as unthinkable! and start working to erase nightmarish visions of steroid-infused Mr. Universe competitors from your mind, hear me out.

How many people talk about wanting (or needing) to lose weight?  How often does this get done?

I have lots of theories about why I struggled, unsuccessfully, for so long, to lose weight and get in shape despite my strong desire to do so.

Here’s one of them:  I had a deficit mindset.  Something was wrong with me that needed fixing, I had a weakness I needed to overcome, I needed to “lose” or “get rid of” parts of me I wasn’t happy with, including the unwanted body fat.

Here’s what’s different now.  Instead of breaking myself down, I build myself up.

I don’t think for a minute about shrinking or growing smaller.  I am not motivated by calling myself nasty names – like lazy, unmotivated, or disgusting (yes, I used to call myself disgusting to my own face!  Imagine if I did that to my mother or my children!)

Instead, I think about growing stronger inside and out, getting healthier, building sturdier bones, boosting my immune system, increasing endurance, firing up neurons, and learning more about myself.  And then I simply cannot wait to wake up each morning and start a new day.  I cannot wait to eat my first meal of the day and get to the gym.  Every day, the choices I make and the actions I take build my body, my mind, and my character.

I am a bodybuilder – through good nutrition-filled food, progressive resistance and endurance training, meditation and mental stimulation, proper rest and frequent hydration – I am building myself up.

I no longer have anything to lose – only a better me to gain.  I am a bodybuilder.  How about you?


Elaine Morales, Founder of Not Just a Daydream, is a health and lifestyle transformation coach, author of Why Delay Amazing? A Total Transformation Guide and an NPC figure competitor.  Her mission is to help as many people as possible to overcome barriers to achieving the body and life of their dreams!

Visit Elaine at  http://www.notjustadaydream.com

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